Air bellows in car springs

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      Air bellows in car springs

      Being an officially registered trademark in Ukraine, the company New Spring carries out the development, manufacture and sale of air springs for cars. By installing the rear springs of your car, you will thereby extend the life of the chassis. Produced in the conditions of our own production using advanced technologies and high-quality rubber, air springs are pillows filled with air. Rubber products are inserted into the spring on the rear axle, which allows you to strengthen and strengthen the standard suspension. Our products are focused on cars that have a separate spring and shock absorber, which is typical for most passenger cars.

      For inflation, you can use a compressor or a pump, and the air springs themselves make it possible to adjust the level of suspension stiffness at your own discretion, without affecting the factory warranty.

      Competitive advantages

      Having decided to order air springs from New Spring online with delivery in Ukraine, the CIS countries or the EU, you receive products with a 12-month warranty, thanks to which:

      1. Improves control, and reduces roll.
      2. The clearance increases, which minimizes the number of suspension shocks on the unevenness of the roadway, and also facilitates the vehicle's cross-country ability in winter.
      3. Eliminates the effect of sagging springs at increased load.
      4. Extends the life of the suspension and reduces noise in the cabin.

      Having carefully studied the regularly updated lineup presented on the virtual showcase, you can buy cheap and optimal options for cars, SUVs, minibuses and minivans. Products fully meet modern standards of quality, design and technological content, and their moderate price is commensurate with the purchasing power of domestic consumers. Having no worthy competitors in terms of strength and wall thickness, New Spring air springs have a number of obvious advantages:

      1. Ability to withstand contact with fuels and lubricants.
      2. Resistant to contact with water, including numerous aggressive substances, whether alkalis or weak acid solutions.
      3. The presence of additional reinforcements in areas in contact with the fenders.

      Pneumoballoons successfully cope with their tasks in various climatic conditions, as they operate in the temperature range from -35 to +50 °C, and the presence of a nipple in the design allows you to create the necessary pressure in the installed pneumatic element.

      Do you want to take care of the suspension of your car? Order air springs for car springs from New Spring - after all, these are branded products with an impeccable reputation.

      Do you want to take care of the suspension of your car?

      Order air springs for car springs from "New Spring"